Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

One of the most common reasons a plumber is hired is to fix a blocked drain. It may not seem like a major issue but blocked drains are a complete inconvenience. They stop households from going about their daily activities and are a real nuisance. At G.J. Law Emergency Plumbing we specialise in clearing blocked drains and provide prompt service, 7 days a week. No matter if it’s your toilet or your sink that is blocked, we have a range of drain cleaning solutions that will solve the problem.

Blocked sewer and stormwater drain

G.J. Law Emergency Plumbing utilises a range of high tech plumbing equipment to diagnose and fix blocked sewers and stormwater drains. Our plumbers utilise a high pressure water jet to clear any stubborn blockages. The machine works by pumping water at very high pressure into the drain. The extreme force propels any obstacles out of the way and leaves the drain clean. Following the clean, if we still suspect there is an issue or break in the drain, we place a special camera into the drain to assess what is going on beneath the surface. The drain camera allows us to examine the obstruction, as well as the condition of the pipes. Once the issue has been diagnosed, we use a high pressure water jet drain cleaning machine to remove the blockage.

Burst Water Pipes

A burst water pipe can send a household into a panic. The problem not only wastes water and costs money, but can also damage your home. To minimise the damage it’s important to act fast. Before even calling a plumber you must turn off your water supply and central heating. If the leak is within the walls or ceiling of your home, avoid touching any switches or wiring, or switch of the electricity at the mains completely. Once you have done this, it’s time to call G.J. Law Emergency Plumbing. We are available 7 days a week to fix your leaking or burst water pipes. Our professional plumbers utilise a range of techniques to solve the problem fast. For hard to find leaks, we us an electronic pipe leak detecter, which allows us to locate the leak quickly. In terms of burst pipes, we either repair the burst section of completely replace, depending on the damage.