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Take care of blocked drains in Dandenong quickly and efficiently

It’s important to be proactive and call G.J. Law Emergency Plumbing at the first sign of blocked drains at your Dandenong home. You can’t predict blocked drains in Dandenong, but you should always keep in mind that only a professional plumber should take care of this for you. The team here at G.J. Law Emergency Plumbing is completely committed to providing you with fast, reliable and efficient services for every plumbing problem such as blocked drains in Dandenong.

Experiencing bad smells, you could have blocked drains in Dandenong

Is your sink not draining quickly? This is just one sign that you may have blocked drains in Dandenong, however, there are a few other signs that you should keep an eye out for. Here are some other tips to help you spot blocked drains around your Dandenong property.
* Basins, showers, sinks, baths, toilets, grates, or drains that are slow to empty or make a gurgling sound as they empty.
* Toilet bowl water appearing lower than usual, pulsates, or has difficulty flushing waste away.
* A foul-smelling odour emanating from sinks and floor drains.
* Grates or manholes in the floor begin to overflow, or leave evidence that they have recently overflowed.
If you notice any of these issues, give our team a call and we will take care of the blocked drains at your Dandenong home.

How to fix blocked drains in Dandenong

As mentioned above, these are the signs of blocked drains in Dandenong, but before you reach for the plunger, call G.J. Law Emergency Plumbing. You may think blocked drains are easy to fix in Dandenong yourself, however, you can actually make things much worse. Drainos that you pick up from your supermarket or hardware store, can be really dangerous to your health without proper safety equipment, as well as potentially corrosive to your pipes if you use the wrong ones. A lot of people use augers or drain snakes to fix their blocked drains in Dandenong, but these can actually cause further damage by cracking or breaking pipes.

Make professionally unclogging blocked drains in Dandenong a priority

Blocked drains in Dandenong can happen for a variety of reasons, usually when things go down your drains that shouldn’t. Some of these items might include cooking fats and grease going down the kitchen sink, dead leaves in guttering and drains, tree roots growing down into your sewerage pipes, hair and soap scum clogging bathroom sinks, sanitary items and baby nappies being put in the toilet, and other non-biodegradable items ending up in your pipes that shouldn’t be there. If you can avoid these items, you won’t have any problems with blocked drains in Dandenong. However, sometimes, blocked drains in Dandenong can’t be avoided, and that’s when you need to call G.J. Law Emergency Plumbing.

Now you know what to look out for, you must stay vigilant when it comes to blocked drains at your Dandenong home. If you believe you have a problem with blocked drains at your Dandenong home, it’s time to call G.J. Law Emergency plumbing on (03) 9798 2713, and let our experts take care of it for you straight away.